Deep Sea Angling Festival

For everyone interested in fishing and angling the Baltimore Deep Sea Angling festival will be held this upcoming weekend. Going back to and embracing Baltimores long seafaring and fishing tradition, this three day sea angling festival is mainly a conservation event with the results determined on a points basis so that the fish caught can be measured and recorded(points for competitors are gathered based on the size,weight etc of the fish) and then returned alive back to the sea.

This festival now in its 44th year unofficially starts Thursday 26th August with the shark fishing competition for the very brave!. The official festival, however is a 3- day ground fishing festival, which officially kicks off the next day Friday 27th August and ends on Sunday the 29th. These three days are dedicated to a range of ground fishing competitions dedicated to catching (and later releasing) different categories of bottom of the sea fish such as conger, ling, pollack, cod, common skate etc.

This festival is open to all those with a thirst for angling, and boats, all licensed and fully equipped charter boats with qualified skippers, are supplied to escort the competitors around the coastline. The festival is dedicated to the mantra of good fishing, enjoying each others company, all in the good spirit of friendly competition. The main aims are as much about testing ones angling skills, competing with each other and most importantly doing ones bit in monitering, respecting and conserving the inhabitants of Irelands waters.

With these aims combined with the prizegiving dinner on Sunday night where prizes are handed out to the winners of each category, it promises to be a great, unique and exciting event for angling enthuasists.

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